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Flat Wire and Formed Wires for Cable Armour

Armour is an essential component is power and control cables. It can increase the mechanical strength and improve anti-corrosive performance and shielding performance of cables.

The armour is available in round or flat wires. When the calculated diameter under armour is above 13 mm, the flat wire should replace the round wire as cable armour.

We can supply standard and customized cable armouring wires. The cable armour wire is a metal cover to protect the cables from mechanical damage. The flat wire armour is available for rectangular shape and formed shapes in various materials.

All the flat armour wires comply with the International standards.

* Special sizes and materials are also available.

Available Materials

  • Galvanized steel (Most popular type).
  • Copper or tinned copper.
  • Aluminum or aluminum alloys.

Comply with Standards

  • International. IEC 60502, IEC 60228
  • China. GB/T 12706.1-2008
  • India. BIS IS 3975-1999
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Available Shapes

  • Standard flat wire.
  • Formed fan-shaped wire.
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Formed Wire Sizes

Type Width (A) Width (B) Thickness (C) Radius (R)
FFW-01 4.00 3.40 0.80 10.00
FFW-02 6.10 5.30 1.40 27.50

* Special sizes are also available.

A cross section of formed wire for cable armour.
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Available Applications

  • Single-core cables.
  • Multi-core cables.
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