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Who We Are?

Xingying – Developing and researching accurate shaped wire manufacturer – Contributes to your projects.

Shandong Xingying Environmental Energy Technology Co. LTD Has manufacturing and exporting shaped wires for more than 10 years. We dedicated in manufacturing and customizing all alloy materials of flat wires, rectangular wires, oval wires in addition to all custom irregular shaped wires.

We provide our customers with the assurance of quality, accuracy and package.

Wide Ranges of Shaped Wires

All standard and custom shaped wires are available for you.

All shaped wires are accurately manufactured for exact sizes in dimensions and properties.

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What We Have

Best Quality

Xingying is dedicated to providing qualified products and solutions.

We offer technologically advanced shaped wires to reduce cost and provide best prices for our customers and clients.

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What We Have

Professional Sales Team

They can solve all your queries about shaped wire. They can also provide best solutions for your projects.

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What We Have
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